Investors and restaurants. Our courses in Italy for cheesemakers and farmers.

Investors and restaurants

Delovaya-Italia will help Investors and restaurants :

  • Cheesemakers who want to upgrade the range and quality of their products to the most popular Italian and French cheeses;
  • Private individuals, Investors and restaurants (+ farmers) who want to start cheese production business from small to medium level, with high quality and natural raw materials;
  • Milk production technology. In our Italian cheesemaking school there are special programs developed for improve the quality and range of cheese production, focusing on raw materials.
  • Russian State and other institutions in Russia that want to offer their employees or consumers an improvement in the quality of food from their local producer;
  • Supermarkets, whith specialized departments of top-level food and cheese products, for new and unique assortment of the food basket;
  • Large and small restaurants, hotel complexes and private Russian Hotels. Adding more menu choices with delicious Italian cheese-based dishes will be rewarded as unique location to be tested;

How it’s work

We are in contact with the best Italian cheese masters / manufacturers of exclusive products, so we can teach you how to produce in Russia all this beautiful, unique, Italian excellence !
All this can be a great prospect for Russia (import substitution), its business opportunities, its Investors and restaurants and new jobs!

Our cheesemaker have a rare family tradition, passed from father to son, able to transfer his knowledge and experience to those who want to start this profitable business in Russia.

Where we are

We are located in North-Western Italy (Piedmont region, close to Turin) and we teach directly in the production workshops of cheese. where products are artisanal, not INDUSTRIAL, their features and tastes are determined by many factors, refined after yers and years of experience. With the help of our excellent master all the secrets are shown and detailed in our hands-on course, working close together with our cheesemaker.

The secrets for investors and restaurants

Very important details and secrets can really be learned only from Italian masters/cheesemaker, not from «far from reality» courses organized by manufacturers of industrial equipment (they just need to sell you as much as possible…). So Investors and restaurants, don’t hesitate to contact us