Hands-on cheesemaking course
Specifications and program

cheesemaking course in Italy

Our cheesemaking course is first of all hands-on. Starting from milk to marketing a final product. You will learn the secrets of Italian cheeses (and French cheeses) from one of the most experienced cheesemakers in Italy who know everything about artisanal, High-Quality cheese production.
You will make cheeses with your own hands. Step by step, our master will teach you how to produce such delightful food, and how to produce it in Russia in the best way.
Our cheesemaking courses are held in Italy, from real Italian producers in the suburbs of Turin (close to the border with France).

cheesemaking course

Types of cheesemaking courses and trainings:

  1. Basic cheese course: for those who wish to open a cheese factory for basic production of Italian and French cheeses. You will be able to learn, even without any or little experience (many students have not been engaged in cheesemaking before);
  2. Advanced course of cheesemaking: focused to improve the quality of the cheese and expand the range of products (fresh and hard cheeses, with spices and herbs, cheeses with white and green, blue mold such as roquefort and gorgonzola);
  3. Professional High-Level courses for Russian technologists, dedicated to the production of all types of Italian and French cheeses;
  4. Practice in Italian real production artisanal factory;
  5. Individual training;

The purpose of the cheesemaking course is to teach Russians to produce Italian and French high-quality cheeses :

  • You will understand every word, without complex technical terms : you will be followed by a Russian professional translator (and tutor for you);
  •  Minimum amount of theory, lot of practice : most of the time will be spent directly in the Italian dairy.
  •  Producing cheeses but optimizations too: for example, from one cooking you can make 5 different cheeses…;
  • How to avoid problems in the cheesemaking, how to solve that problems;
  • Learn to organize the process of storage and marketing : what about the right price of your cheeses? How to reduce costs?
  • Equipment detailed : heaters, pasteurizer, device for making ricotta, forms. cold stores, warehouses;

The Daily Program

The following are the approximated topics and programs of the cheesemaking course, they will be personalized on the basis of requests for specific production and level of participants. Material: milk, enzymes and ferments are included, not need to pay anything extra.

  • Monday
    Milk and its parameters for the production of high-quality Italian and French cheeses,
    ferments : their quality and use, production and technology for cow and goat milk.
    4 cheeses from one cheese-cooking : caciotta, ricotta, prismosale, toma;
  • Tuesday
    Production and technology of gorgonzola from cow and goat milk, care for cheese with blue mold, cheesecloth, use of blue mold, marketing of cheese production. Visiting the farm, proper animal’s care;
  • Wednesday
    Production and technology of mozzarella, yoghurt, additives in cheeses like red pepper, truffle, Origano, etc.
    Washing of cheeses, equipment for the dairy, presses and their use;
  • Thursday
    production and technology of parmigiano, the structure of the dairy, salting, stools, refrigeration chambers. Visiting the farm, how to get quality milk for cheeses and what foods use for it;
  • Friday
    production and technology of brie from cow and goat milk, seiras (soft Piemontese cheese), cheese with white mold, the organization of production in cheese factory, how to calculate the costs for different types of cheese.
    A visit to a wholesale warehouse and the possibility of buying enzymes for cheeses, starter cultures, equipment, molds, etc;
  • Saturday
    production and technology of stracchino, from cow and goat’s milk, gelato, packing and transportation of cheeses.International certificate will be issued at the end of the course

For more information about cheesemaking course, the necessary documents, the length and time of the course, travel and hotel accommodation, please contact us in Russian by e-mail/ Whatsapp/Skype.

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