Italy cheese courses: we will teach you to produce Italian and French cheeses in Russia.
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Italy cheese courses

Why Italy cheese courses

Have you been to Italy?
Have you tried the quality of Italian cheeses?
Would you like to produce Italian and French cheeses in Russia?

Would you like to learn how to produce such excellent products in Russia as Parmesan, Strakino, Toma, Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola (cheese with mold), panna cotta (produced in a non-industrial way)? We will teach you how to make delicious Italian and French cheeses in Russia!

For Business : Italy cheese courses

Italian cheeses teach Russian people to produce Italian and French cheeses: parmesan, hard cheeses, cheese with mold, brie, camembert, mozzarella, roquefort. You are taught by real masters of your business: cheese courses are held in Italy.
dairies and Italian equipment needed for cheese making (purchase directly from the manufacturer) also used equipment;
cheese making school (Italian and French craftsmanship secrets);
cheese courses for Russian entrepreneurs;

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Now is a very favorable time for investments in production in Russia: Italian and French cheeses, bread, grissini and baking. Because import restrictions are an excellent opportunity for the development of cheese production in Russia and baking of Italian quality. This will ensure you a reliable income for many years (small, but well-established production, even in highly competitive conditions — how many such cheese-making in Italy? Do not count!) — guarantee their owners a stable income.
Who will benefit from our Italy cheese courses? For dairy farms, high-end restaurants, for milk producers, investors in the food industry, in small and medium-sized production of high quality, for those who want to produce something really magnificent. Delicious. What your customers are not lazy to go to you and for tens of kilometers — in Europe the trip to your favorite cheese-maker is quite common.
In Italy, exclusive middle production is very widespread (unlike other countries that rely on large food production), so there is an accumulated knowledge base that can be «exported» and applied to those who in Russia would like to develop a similar manufacturing process HIGH QUALITY.

Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region visited the production of the student of our courses Konstantin Umnov:

Business Italy cheese school: Possible directions

Our cheese-making school is organized for training medium and small Russian enterprises, farms that want to produce high-quality Italian and French cheeses such as parmesan, mozzarella, asiago, brie, strikkino, moldy cheese (gorgonzola), roquefort, camembert, kachetta, ricotta , volumes, talejo, panna cotta, yogurt;
We are the only Italian cheese making school that trains Russians to produce Italian and French cheeses that are as good as Italian ones! But it’s much cheaper! Because you will produce them in Russia, from local raw materials, you will not have to spend so much on wages, as in Italy. And as a result, with Italian taste and quality, the cost will be much lower than those imported cheeses that are still sold in specialized stores. This will provide you with a huge advantage and constant demand!
bread shops and Italian pastries: small / medium-sized Italian bread production, known throughout the world, such as the Italian Chabat, Turin Grissini and all Italian pastries.

Business :  Italy cheese courses and production methods

We will gladly hold a course of cheese making for the production of exclusive Italian and French cheeses. Our training is designed for groups of 5 to 8 people at a time. We will learn to make cheeses six working days, with the direct presence of a Russian translator! You will understand absolutely everything that you are told, our translator is a superprofessional, just like our master teachers. You will learn from the manufacturers. Those who make cheeses for decades, from generation to generation — their parents also made cheeses, and grandfather and grandmother, and every secret has been tested for years. You can learn all this experience and bring it to your home, to pass on to your children!
Italy cheese courses are held in cheese-makers located in the suburbs of Turin, in the Region of Piemonte (on the border with France). Our master and producer are sen. Gianni and his team produces more than 32 kinds of Italian and French cheeses: cow, goat, from sheep’s milk.
Temperature or improper storage and transport:  Gianni always tells you! That is, our work does not end with one passing of courses — we will help you to organize the production of those cheeses that you want to produce, from start to finish!
Call, or write with skype or whatsapp — we will gladly answer your questions about our Italy cheese courses!

In Italy, there is a wide selection of manufacturers of equipment for cheese making and cheese production. You can buy new equipment directly from the manufacturer, without margins of intermediaries — much cheaper than it would cost you in Russia. Or used equipment that passed those inspections!

School of cheese making: our staff

Our Italy cheese courses consists of Italian professionals. For example: Gianni and his team have been producing different types of cheeses (more than 32 different!) for more than 25 years! Their experience and skills can be available for adaptation in Russia, which will ensure the production of quality Italian and French cheeses and will give excellent development opportunities.
Luciano is one of the experts in equipment, computer science and production organization and I, Marianne, Russian, live for 24 years in Italy. I know all the Italian production of high-quality food industry (the best in the world today), my desire is to help my native country in independent production of excellent food products, as in Italy, helping Russia in the project to develop high-quality and very profitable production with my Italy cheese courses.
Our cheese-making school will allow you to produce Italian and French cheeses in Russia, increasing the well-being and health of Russians!