Artisan Italian school of professional cheesemaking

Artisan Italian cheese school
Our mission : Artisan Italian school can teach Russian people to produce Italian and French cheeses.The comprehensive course is ideal for existing artisan cheesemakers or those wishing to produce cheeses on artisanal basis. Courses are held in Italy, by Italian experienced masters and inspired by traditional practices.

Have you been in Italy?
Have you tried the quality of Italian cheeses?
Would you like to produce Italian and French cheeses in Russia?
Would you like to learn how to produce such excellent products in Russia as : Parmigiano, Stracchino, Toma, Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Panna Cotta ? We will teach you how to make delicious Italian and French cheeses in Russia and develop your business at the best!

How to produce Italian and French cheeses in Russia.
Equipment and skill consulting for cheesemakers.

Hands-on cheese-making courses for Russian cheesemakers

Artisan Italians school of cheesemakers


Courses delivered by Delovaya-Italia Artisan Italian school are available for :

  • people who work in the manufacturing or sale of cheese;
  • dairy farmers;
  • investors interested in : cheese production, food industry, small and medium-sized production of high quality food;
  • cooks, chefs , gourmets , top-level restaurant owners;
  • artisan cheesemakers, and those who aspire to be, like Artisan Italian;
  • people who want to produce something really excellent, delicious and profitable;

See here the the programmed courses

Right now is a very favorable time to invest in cheesemaking in Russia because:

  • Russians officials have suggested cheese production is growing by at least 10 per cent a year;
  • Russia’s government has also spent heavily to help farmers buy new machinery and production equipment;
  • Due to import restrictions, Italian and French cheese production are excellent business opportunity in Russia and ensure reliable income for many years even in a highly competitive market;
  • Russian cheese lovers are getting used to new tastes and varieties of domestic cheeses;


Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region visited the production of
former student of our artisan Italian school:


Delovaya-Italia, the Italian traditional cheesemaking
from artisan Italian school


With our help, Italian knowledge base can be «exported» and applied to develop high quality traditional cheesemaking in Russia. We are the only Italian cheesemaking school that teach Russians to produce Italian and French cheeses as good as Italian originals, but much cheaper because produced in Russia, from local milk. Resulting costs, with same Italian taste and quality, will be much lower than those imported sold in specialized stores. This will provide constant demand and huge benefits to investors !

Our cheese school and production methods from Artisan Italian school

Artisan Italian school


Our hands-on training is designed for groups of 5 to 8 people at a time, for six working days where participants are taken through each step of cheesemaking, with Russian motherlanguage professional translator.You will learn directly from the manufacturers who make cheeses for decades, from generation to generation, where every secret has been tested and refined for years. You can learn all this experience and bring it to your home, and even pass on to your children!

Cheesemaking courses from artisan Italians school

Cheesemaking courses are held in dairy located in the suburbs of Turin, in the region of Piemonte (close to the border with France). With the assistance of one of the Italian leading cheese masters, we developed courses with comprehensive programs. Our master and producer (Mr. Gianni) makes more than 30 kinds of Italian and French artisan cheeses from cow, goat and sheep’s milk.

Finally, our work does not end with the last day of course, instead we will help you to organize the production of those cheeses that better fit your business, from start to finish!

Call or write with Skype / Whatsapp / Email, we will gladly answer your questions!